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Move Toward Success with a Virtual Assistant – Your First 3 Steps:

1. Contact Me

Schedule a discovery appointment with me giving as many details about your business and explaining your pain points as best as possible.

2. Review the Scope of Work

Once I understand your needs, I will submit a draft of a Scope of Work for your review and approval.

3. Pay Deposit

Pay your deposit through your personal portal and sign the approved Scope of Work.

Work on Running Your Business, Not the Work that Makes Your Business Run

  Focus on your work and let an experienced Virtual Assistant handle the rest!

You started your business expecting to be able to focus on running your business, not work on the details that make your business run. However, those details need to be done as much as the work if you are to succeed. Not addressing those details, the “busy” work, can wreak havoc on your business and even cause the business to fail. Not being able to do what you love can also lead to burnout and keep your business from growing.

The struggle is finding someone to complete those details. But you only need them a few hours each week. Or perhaps you only need someone occasionally to complete random projects. But even then you only need someone a few hours a week and don’t or can’t justify hiring a full-time position for just a few hours a week. A virtual assistant may be just who you need!

Have You Ever Felt Like……


Have you noticed the rest of your life has suffered because of the amount of work to be done? Even when you leave or aren’t at work, you’re thinking about work.


You have high expectations for your business and want to provide a high level of service to your clients. But there are so many things to be done you sacrifice time on/with your clients.


To grow your company you have to increase your number of clients. You can’t focus on getting more clients because you can’t keep up with the work you currently have.


You started your job or company because you love what you do, not all the other work that has to be done just so you can do the work you love.

Realize the Success You’ve Always Dreamt with Virtual Assistant Services!

VA on the Spot, LLC is who you’ve been looking for! I have experience in a variety of administrative roles and tasks, and have the solutions to meet your needs. Like you, I’ve been frustrated at having to do work that I am not passionate about, having to accept mediocre work because I just don’t have time to do it myself. I want you to be successful. I care about you and your business. My virtual assistant services will help you get your life back!

Life Before VA on the Spot:

You’re stressed.

You feel overwhelmed.

You feel overworked.

You have too much busywork and not enough time.

You have to do work below your pay grade.

You don’t have enough work for a full or part-time employee.

You’re unable to leave work at work.

Life With VA on the Spot:

You are able to focus on your clients and the work you love.

You are relaxed both in and out of work.

You enjoy life.

You can grow your business.

You have confidence things are being done well and correctly.

You feel fulfilled and successful.

You participate in life, instead of just watching it.

“We highly recommend this qualified mom and daughter team. They will always give you their best and would love to be your company’s virtual assistant.”

Gary & Audrey Kah
Owners – Hope for the World

“A self-starter and quick learner and never needs prodding reminded or micromanaged. You can count on her to take something and run with it and make you look good during the process.”

Charles McTargett
Vice President, Innovation – Retired – Delta Faucet Company