Is A New Beginning In Your Future?

In a day and age when companies seem to be looking to discard all the wisdom, knowledge and loyalty of today’s Baby Boomers many are asking themselves, “what do I do now?” I recently found myself faced with this very question. While I’m a Baby Boomer, I am one of the younger ones and much too young to stop working altogether. I put in over 40 years developing my skills, gaining knowledge, and spent the first 20 years trying to find a company where I could grow and advance in my field. Through my career, first having to prove myself, but then earning the respect of those around me, I became a person that was depended upon for information, sought after for the skills I had and the knowledge I could share. Now faced with early retirement and leaving that security? What now? Where do I go from here?

First, I need to take you back to the beginning of 2019 to give you a little background. I started feeling unsettled when this year started. I couldn’t put my finger on it but also couldn’t shake the feeling. Then early in the year I was reminded of the stage in life that was rapidly coming, retirement! The company I was working for offered a two-day session on “Preparing for Retirement”. I found that I was mentally a lot closer to the possibilities of retiring than I had thought, but I hadn’t really considered what I would do after. As I thought about it, I decided why not share the skills, knowledge and experiences I worked so hard to develop through the years to help others! I’m all about helping others achieve and look good! After all that’s what I’ve done all my life as an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Administrative Coordinator and RD/IP Administrator. But how? What could that look like?

One day as I was talking with someone on the phone, assisting them with a computer program issues, and it came to me! I could keep on utilizing the years of knowledge, skills and experiences by continuing to use that skill set to help small companies, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, etc. by offering Administrative Services at a reasonable cost. They are the very people who need help so they can grow their business, but they can’t always justify or afford a full or even part time assistant. Today with computers, internet and telecommunication I could virtually support these companies as a Virtual Assistant, take on the number of clients that would keep me as busy as I wanted to be, and bring in an income for at least a few more years!

As I talked with my daughters telling them what I thought I wanted to do after I retired, they were both very excited and said they wanted in on this adventure as well. I have two daughters that have followed very closely to their mother’s footsteps by honing administrative skills as well. The great thing is all three of us have our own strengths and specialties, a great recipe to be able to offer companies everything they would need in the way of support. My thinking suddenly became much broader than a “one (wo)man show”! Great! In another 5 years or so I would retire, start a new company with the help of the girls and then hand it all over to them to run one day! Little did I know things would happen a bit faster than that!

Mid-year this year the company I was working for offered early retirement! Was this a tragedy or an opportunity? It seemed that many things had happened up to this point to mentally prepare me for this decision. Was I, I mean I was ready for this! I was ready to start over! Or was I? Starting over is a scary thought! But then I realized I wasn’t really “starting over” but just beginning a New Chapter. One that could give me the opportunity to continue to do what I love to do now, help those I work for shine, and give me an opportunity to create a business, a legacy for my girls and their future. Now I am excited!

So, after 20 years working for a major manufacturer, and at the very start of my “Golden Years”, I am starting a Virtual Assistant business, VA On The Spot LLC! I am ready for this New Chapter and since I have many more years to offer my expertise to make others SHINE I am very excited to get this going! Ready, set, GO! GO! GO! I’ll meet you at

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