A Divided Heart

Do you think it’s true that, “A divided heart loses both worlds”? You might not think there is anything to the left brain, right brain idea, but you surely can agree that there are two types of people: people who are creative and artistic, and people who are rational and analytical. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I still don’t know which), I have just enough of both in me to be a challengeand a benefit.

My mom says I have been creating art since I could hold something in my hand. Painting, drawing, illustrating, crafting, embroidery, and stained glass are my areas of expertise and interest. I have been working on them for years. I love to create art, especially for specific people. I love to get to know them and their likes/dislikes and create something special just for them. Surprisingly, I also very much enjoy typing, filing, organizing, graphic design, data entry, and Excel spreadsheets. The question is, what can I do with all that combined!?!

Another thing my mom says is that I have always been a giving person. There are two stories she loves to tell. The story about a girl at school who said that she liked my dress, and I almost took off my dress to give it to her. The other story was when I beggedfor a specific doll for Christmas one year, and the first time I took it for show and tell, another child said they had always wanted a doll like that. So, I just gave it to her. (That one is Mom’s favorite story!) That is yet another reason I am excited to be part of VA on the Spot. Like my mom and sister, I love helping people. And using my gifts and interests to help others is the perfect way to do just that. Helping others succeed brings me joy!

When my mom, sister and I started talking about starting a business to serve others with clerical services, all three of us knew I would be doing more of the creative parts like graphic design, infographics, and video. But, I love that I am also skilled in and definitely also enjoy typing, editing, data entry, and Excel spreadsheets. After all, those are an art in and of themselves, right?

I started doing data entry for my grandfather’s tax business when I was in early high school. I worked some odds and ends office jobs through college, I have worked for/with mom and I even spent 3 years specifically working in the administrative field. I probably would still be in office administrative had I found something where I could use my administrative skills along with my creative talents. Honestly, I do a lot of the clerical tasks and personal organization for my own home because they are second nature to me. Most of the files on my computer are Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. So VA on the Spot is perfect for me to be able to use ALL my talents to help others succeed.

Although it is said that “a divided heart loses both worlds,” I do believe my duel interests can work best for our clients. Not only do I work efficiently, but I also work creatively. Whether you need an eye-catching brochure, an efficient Excel spreadsheet, or an infographic to draw the eyes of your audience, or just accurate data entry, I am excited and ready to help you succeed, one task at a time.

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