Tag Someone Today!

Have you ever had someone go out of their way to help you succeed? Maybe someone who dropped everything they were doing to make the tasks before you a little easier. Or someone who said, “Let me do that for you.” So you could concentrate on that special project you needed to complete for a client.

We live in a world preaching to us to;

“Look out for number one!”

“It’s all about me!”

“I deserve this!”

I have ever done or thought these things in my life, yet my success has been very good! I am the person who loves to be behind the scenes! The one that “makes it all work” but that no one sees. When I was in the corporate world I would constantly be introduced as the “one who ran the department” when the fact was, I was the Administrative Assistant that worked behind the scenes to make things run like clockwork. The one who looked ahead, anticipated and tried to think like the executive I worked for so that I had things done before they needed them. If they “shined” then I had done my job well. My life has always been, “what can I do for you”! I love my work and I love making others look good! I’m not your typical individual looking out for number one!

I would venture to say that we have all had someone in our life or someone come along our path that was this for us at some time or another. And even though my “type” thrives on making others look good and succeed, we are not big on having a fuss made over our accomplishments. BUT that is not to say we don’t appreciate the kind words, the “Thank you” or the “tags” about the excellent job we have done!

Do you have someone in your life you depend on? Someone who is always there, no matter what you need? A person who will drop everything to come along side you to help you succeed in whatever you are working on. If not, you are missing out on a blessing! Perhaps what you need is that someone to come along side you and take on the tasks that are keeping you from doing what you love so that you can take that next step in growth and success. VA on the Spot can be just that for you! We have the experience and expertise to come along side you, to take on those every-day tasks, so that you can concentrate on making your business grow.

If you have that someone, or several someone’s, who have been there for you, who have come along side you to help you when things were rough, tag them in a special “Thank you” today! Let them know that they made a difference in your life and in your business!

If you don’t have that “someone” in your life to help you through your company’s growth, give us a call! VA on the Spot is here to help you shine!

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