Good Office Management Helps Control Chaos

Chaos, not a good thing when it comes to running your business. How can you curb that chaos so you can concentrate on the business at hand and help it grow again. First you need to consider, “is it time to hire some part time help?” Like a Virtual Assistant. Let’s see if the following list, that a Virtual Assistant can do for you, matches the chaos you are feeling right now. Do you find you have to:

Start out the week carving out time on the first day of your work week, some time to organize the administrative work required for the week? Is it hard to set aside this time to see that your business is spiraling out of control. Think about it, if you hired a VA you could start your week out working at and growing your business, let them do all the organizing and administrative work so you can.

Establish routine procedures to stay organized and keep things running smoothly, handling paperwork and office systems? A VA can do that!

Create lists of the administrative tasks that need to be done so you can keep track of them, because it really isn’t your forte!? A VA can do those tasks so you don’t have to do this.

Divide work into chunks that are more manageable? A VA does administrative work every day. They can accomplish each administrative task in one chunk, or one bite. Freeing you up to work at your business.

Spend more time keeping a detailed schedule or calendar rather than the work you love? A VA can help you with that! A VA can help you keep your calendar organized,

keep you on task and be your right hand man to help your day run smoothly.

Spend more time keeping data entered and records maintained and organized. Data entry is very time consuming. Updating your CRM, scanning all those business cards into your CRM, and maintaining all of the data for marketing and sales projections can eat up a lot of time. A VA can help you do that! Again, free up your time to do what you love.

Struggle to protect your information? There are low cost options to connect to small companies that can remotely back-up your information every night, or however often you deem necessary. A VA has the contacts to help you find someone to do that, or they know how to find someone.

Find you have to set aside a whole day, or more, to take care of bookkeeping, again not your forte! A VA can take that burden from you and free your time for things more important.

The moral of the story is if you spend more than an hour a week on administrative tasks you would find you will make more money, even paying for a Virtual Assistant, because you would be freed to work on your business. An admin can manage those emails, manage your calendars, bookkeeping, transcribe your meetings, data entry, and much more, all from a remote location. Hire a VA for what you don’t want to do, flexible and hassle free! Assign the work and forget it, because you can count on it getting done. Then, imagine all you could get done when you don’t have to do all that administrative work any more!

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