What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

Did you know that the average small business has to spend up to 240 days annually working on administrative tasks? Does that surprise you? This translates to about 17% of the total manpower for a small business. As a business owner spending 17% of your time dedicated to administrative tasks rather than the core function of your business, well you can see that is very counterproductive and will not grow your business.

What kind of administrative work pulls the business owner away from what they do best? They can be categorized into two areas; operational and regulatory. Let’s look at the regulatory tasks first, since these tasks do not contribute to the running of the business but are mandated by governments with required compliance across various industries. Some businesses that fall into needing these necessary tasks are small law firms, medical practices, accounting firms and businesses that collect data from individuals. Because these tasks are responsible for lost man-hours and there is no benefit cost for companies it is important to weigh your options for achieving these tasks with the least loss possible. And usually that means hiring someone so you are not sacrificing your time when you could be making money for your company.

Next you have the operational tasks that business owners have much more control over. Out of all the operational administrative tasks that take an owner’s time there are some that kidnap more time from the business owner than others. Accounting tasks consume the most time of all the administrative tasks, including accounts payables/receivable. There are also time consuming administrative tasks from HR management that includes talent acquisition when needed, and personnel training. These rob so much time it’s hard to not consider these the top tasks as ones to hire a Virtual Assistant to do so you are free to grow your business.

Additionally there are tasks that cost the business owner not only time but can be instrumental in creating a happy client or a disgruntled one. Those include:

– Timely answers to emails

– Timely return of phone calls

– Calendar Organizing

– Maintaining databases

– Maintaining client records

– Research

– Reports

When you add marketing tasks like: Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Illustration, Data entry, and Website Maintenance, most small business owners simply become overwhelmed just at the thought of everything that needs to be done and/or needs to happen. You add that it takes someone who only does these things occasionally twice as long as it would someone who does them every day. What is a business owner to do?

WAIT! What if there is a way to get all these things done AND be free to do only what you do well. To grow your business rather than spend empty time on the administrative tasks. RELAX, THERE IS!

Take that next step in the management of your small business by delegating these administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Improve your small business office management to free you to focus on your talents and ultimately improve your bottom line. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to take care of these administrative tasks takes you to the next step in your business, and moves you from not just a viable company but to a thriving company! A successful company!

VA on the Spot specializes in a variety of adminisrative tasks that will help clear your plate so you can focus on your first love….your company. Call us today to see how we can help you!

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