Be Like Disney

A couple years ago my family went to Disney World. I had been when I was a teen, but now I had kids and was excited to see things through their eyes. While my first trip was amazing, seeing the trip from adult/parent eyes was amazing in a completely different way. What amazed me the most was the customer service. From the second we booked our trip, everything seemed taken care of. We used a Disney planner who walked us through our preparation, when we got off our plane we were directed to a special area where we got on a Disney bus that took us to our resort, our meals and park tickets and even driver’s licenses were loaded onto these wristbands we were given, and we could even use our wristbands to make purchases in the parks. Our bags even appeared in our room without us ever having to go to a baggage claim. But the thing that impressed me the most was how helpful everyone was. We were at a park and looking for something (I honestly don’t remember what) and the closest person to ask was someone sweeping up trash around the park. This person stopped what they were doing to take us to where we were wanting to go, telling us it was his pleasure and making sure we didn’t need anything else before leaving us. Every person was like that. It was like the park was full of people who just wanted to help us!

Now I’m from the Midwest so I’m used to friendliness. We look each other in the eye, smile, and say hello when we see each other. But I had never been to a theme park, or anywhere really, where every worker I came across was happy and seemed to genuinely want to help us as much and as possible.

To round out the experience, a year after we went on our trip (a year!), we received a card in the mail once again thanking us for visiting Disney and hoping to see us again. They didn’t ask for anything, they didn’t want anything, they were thanking us for vacationing there.

This experience impressed me so much that I wanted to know how they made this customer service experience happen. So, as is my way I started looking into it to research this question. In my looking I found a book called “Be Our Guest” published by the Disney Institute. The book covers Disney’s view on customer service and the steps they take to make it happen. If you provide any kind of customer service, I highly recommend this book!

So much of who Walt Disney was and his view of customer service is encompassed in this quote: “The quality of standard courtesy requires that every guest be treated like a VIP – that is, a very important, very individual person……it means treating them the way that they want to be treated, with recognition and respect for their emotions, abilities, and cultures.” This applies to something as simple as giving directions or as complicated as helping when a person is hurt.

How is your customer service? Do each of your clients feel like a VIP in all sense of the phrase? If not, what do you need to do to improve?

Oftentimes, customer service takes a back seat because so much of “the business” needs to be done. VA on the Spot can help! Let us come alongside you and help take some of “the business” off your plate so you can focus on making each client feel as important as they are. Call 317-288-5748, visit our website, or schedule a 30 minute meet and greet today!

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