These days there are many apps and programs vying for your attention and claiming to make your life easier in one way or another. Posting to social media is one of the most popular app searches that happen on a daily basis. It can be time consuming. You spend time coming up with the content, then you have to figure out when is the best time to post, then you have to actually post it and if you are posting to more than one platform you have to log into every platform and post each time. Well, today we are going to review a platform that makes this process much easier. is a relatively new start-up supported only by subscribers. It was created to

help small businesses and start-ups grow. This small team works hard to maintain and innovate a platform that makes posting to social media much easier. Through their platform you can connect Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts and post to one or all at specific times. The limit of posts you can schedule at a month depends on the program for which you sign up, but even the starter plan is 150 posts a month. You can also schedule posts to repeat over time.

Another helpful component of the app is the ability to organize posts. You can organize posts by both name and color. This allows you to keep track of how often you are posting where. Or how often you are posting certain types of posts. Ideally your posts would be a variety of professional, fun, interactive, informational, etc. You can also use the categories/colors to separate clients. If you are managing social media for multiple clients, you can save profiles to certain categories. Then you would assign posts to that same category.

Possibly one of the most helpful features of the app is the ability to upload many posts at once using an excel spreadsheet. The app tells you how to format the spreadsheet with three columns. You then upload the spreadsheet and the posts are either automatically scheduled or you can schedule them after uploading them. You can include both links and images to your spreadsheet as well. And for those working as a team, Google Sheets can also be used and uploaded.

The thing to watch out for are the guidelines. When first starting, you might get error messages, but has a great help center! And if you can’t find your answers there, they are available for chat and are very responsive and helpful.

When choosing a social media posting platform, we previewed quite a few but most were expensive and obviously for big companies. So when we found we were excited! We not only found a great deal with a great platform that did everything we wanted, but we get to help another small start-up business!

We highly recommend using for your preferred social media posting platform. If you need help planning, creating, and posting social media content, call 317-288-5748, visit our website, or schedule a 30 minute meet and greet today!

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