Link Your Blog, Website, and Social Media

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When it first started, blogging was like recording a diary on the Internet somewhere. Through time it has become bigger to an essential piece of business marketing. A blog can serve many purposes, but for a business its overall goal is to attract customers and help you rank higher on search engines. What people don’t always know is how linking your blog, website, and social media can benefit their business.

Most professional websites have a blog section when they are created. If there is not a blog page created, you need to check with your website manager to add one – it is not hard and usually comes as part of a website template. The next step is to add content to your blog. You want to make sure your content is helpful, inviting, and informative. Whatever you post needs to be something that helps someone, provides him or her value, and educates him or her. It also helps establish you as an authority in your industry and shows readers you know what you are talking about.

If you have a blog not linked to your website, you need to make sure it is linked to your website. When someone visits your blog, that counts as a visit to your website. That is called a link. Natural links are ones that help you rank higher with search engines. There are many ways to get links, but natural links hold more weight than other more crafted ways.

After making sure your blog is either connected to or a part of your website, you must make sure your website is linked to social media. This is probably the most important point of the entire article. Studies show that while having a blog and website are necessary for business success, fewer and fewer people are visiting them. More people visit and make decisions from what they see in social media.

There are many ways to connect your website to social media. One is to put links to your social media on your website. Add a way for them to like your Facebook page or follow you on LinkedIn. Always leave a link to your Google My Business page so they can see and leave reviews. Another way is to add share buttons onto your website and blog so people can share what they see and read to their social media. Another is to provide a teaser on your social media that leads people to your website. Hook them with something on your Google or Facebook page and then provide a link to where they can read more. Another is to include widgets that show how many people like your posts, follow you, etc. on your website.

Blogs can be a valuable way to spread knowledge and information as well as hook and educate potential and current clients. If used correctly, they can increase your online visibility and client base. For help developing website and blog content or with your social media outreach, call or contact us today at 317-288-5748.

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