Loom Product Review

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This month we want to highlight a great platform we discovered that has helped us do business more efficiently and effectively. It is called Loom. Loom is a platform similar to others in that it records a video that you send to others to view. However, there are many features that we believe make Loom unique and especially helpful.

One of those is the ability to screen share. Loom has settings that allow you to record a variety of ways. You can record just yourself talking. You can record yourself while sharing your screen. Or you can record just your screen. This is helpful for when you do and don’t want to be seen. You can also record screenshots, which are helpful when making process documents.

Another is that it is cloud-based. The free version allows 100 of your videos and screenshots to be saved on Loom’s servers. This saves you space on your computer and server and assures you what you record is secure. You can also set passwords to videos for an added layer of security. This also allows anyone to view your video on any device from anywhere as long as they have the link.

A third is that you can see when the video has been viewed. When someone views your video, you are sent an email letting you know. This helps you know that your employees are viewing what you are sending. That way whatever you are trying to communicate is sure to be communicated.

All the features we have discussed so far are for the free version. There are actually 3 paid programs you can subscribe to that offer more features. The Starter Plus is $5 a month and allows you to have access to all your screenshots and videos, not just the last 100. The next step up is the Business plan. Where the Starter and Starter Plus plans allow you to record only up to 5 minutes, the Business plan allows you to record an unlimited length. You also get access to a video drawing tool that allows you to mark up your video, highlighted different aspects, the ability to include a call to action, the ability to add custom branding, and the ability to see insights into your video engagements. Each package also differs on how many users you can have, who can record and edit, and who has access to what in your profile.

After COVID, Loom launched a new aspect to its platform to serve educational institutions. This part of the platform works almost exactly like the business side, but it adds some interactive capabilities to serve both educators and students.

Originally we would say Loom is a great platform for any business that has a virtual aspect, but since COVID threw such a curveball at so many of us, we now feel Loom is an essential platform for every business to be able to communicate effectively and operate efficiently.

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