Grammarly Review

Grammarly Review - VA on the SpotOur product review this month is an add on called Grammarly. This product was created to auto correct spelling and grammar, but upon further review, there’s so many more components to this product it has quickly become the favorite of many.

We began using Grammarly as a double check when writing documents, contracts, and emails. It didn’t take long to notice that when there was an error, Grammarly not only underlined it so you would have to view and approve the change, but it would also explain why the change needed to be made and what the other options were.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to put an add on onto your device, Grammarly has a neat feature that allows you to paste text into a box on their website and it will evaluate it just like the add on. This allows access to Grammarly literally everywhere.

Just like every platform, there are paid features that can enhance the capabilities of Grammarly. The basic free version offers spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction, which in and of itself helps one learn what they have been doing right and wrong. However, the premium version adds in features such as checking for readability, offering suggestions for better word choice, checking for plagiarism, ensuring formal language and formatting is used, and more. There is a business version that can be purchased but I didn’t find much extra value there other than tracking and collaboration tools.

When Grammarly saw the popularity of their regular platform, they quickly adjusted to add a separate platform for schools. Through what they call a .edu subscription, all of the premium features like better word choice and education on why certain choices were made are included, but it also includes formatting help for APA, MLA, and Chicago Style writing. This can provide invaluable to a student whether they are considered beginning or advanced to ensure the formatting is correct and they get the best grade possible on their paper. Instructors like the platform because it minimizes formatting questions and has a built in plagiarism checker which has been shown to decrease the amount of direct and indirect plagiarism in papers.

We at VA on the Spot LOVE Grammarly and use it to ensure our writing is as correct and professional as possible. We are happy to recommend this platform to all people, but especially those in the education and professional world.

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