Protecting Your Business from a COVID-19 Winter

2 - Prepare Your Business for a COVID-19 Winter VA on the Spot Indianapolis

We can all agree 2020 has been a roller coaster for businesses. However, we know winter is coming and projections are that COVID numbers will rise and we need to continue to be careful. So, the big question is how do you keep your business going during this time were people are so concerned with just staying safe? We have developed 4 simple ideas to help you and your business through this time.

  1. Evaluate your current strategies

When business is busy, we often do whatever we can to stay afloat and don’t really take time to evaluate what we are doing. Take this time to look at your current marketing strategies. Pull as many numbers as possible and determine your Return on Investment for each strategy. If one isn’t making you money, don’t do it and look for something new.

  1. Review Your Keywords

Your niche is your niche and while that hasn’t changed, the environment around us has. This raises the opportunity to change up, add, or delete keywords. Make yourself relevant. Include keywords that reflect what consumers are thinking and more importantly feeling. Add those to your existing keyword phrases.

  1. Stay Active on Social Media

With fewer people actually coming into stores, social media is going to continue to be the best way to communicate with your customers. Let them know what your holiday hours are, any specials you might be running, and even tips that would be helpful to them. Figure out what your customers are thinking and feeling and appeal to that. Provide them solutions for their problems, but always make sure you are connecting with the way everyone is feeling in the current climate.

  1. Embrace New Things

This is an amazing opportunity to reach potential customers you have never been able to reach before. Connect with people on a deeper level. Start making and posting videos to your website. Do a podcast. Have guest writers on your website and social media. Offer special discounts to frontline workers. Support a local charity. All of these things will not only increase your reach but will also appeal to a wide variety of potential clients.

Unfortunately, many small and midsized businesses have closed this year. However, many have also started and grown. While there is no foolproof plan, these steps will help your business continue to thrive amid the continued pandemic. We can’t change our circumstances, but we can look at them as temporary and adjust as best we can to meet the challenge and come out on top.

If you find yourself without time to implement new or different strategies, VA on the Spot would love to help you! Our goal is to help small and midsized business owners reclaim their life by reclaiming their time. We provide expert executive assistant services in a variety of areas to meet as many needs as possible. Call 317-288-5748 or visit our website at today to see how we can help you and your business.

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