2021 Social Media Trends

30 - 2021 Trends in Social Media VA on the Spot Indianapolis

Our friends at Digital Information World put together a great infographic discussing what they see as the top 2021 social media trends and we wanted to take that and expand on it.

The first trend they discuss is that audiences will be more socially conscious. COVID-19 has made us all take a step back and look at not just our influence of those around us, but also the influence we have on each other around the world. The more you can post about that and include those thoughts and issues, the more interaction you will receive.

The second is monitoring fake news. We all saw this with the election, but more and more in 2021 people are going to be concerned with ensuring the information they find is accurate. This is a great opportunity to examine your website and social media and not only make sure the information there is correct but be sure your content strategy includes correct information that will continue to enhance your brand.

The third discusses the 3 biggest social media giants. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will continue to adapt to changes and dominate the social conversation. If you are not active in at least 2 of these 3, make sure you are not just listed but also posting and interacting with others. While Google is not a social media giant, they are still very much in control of what happens on the internet, so you want to be sure you are listed there as well.

The fourth is that “old-school” marketing is coming back. Podcasts are listened to by more people now than in the past 5 years. If you are able to establish and develop a podcast, you will for sure be at the top of the list.

The fifth deals with gaming. You might be wondering what your business has to do with gaming, but with more and more people spending time on their devices playing games, if your target audience spends a lot of time gaming, you want to consider advertising on those games.

The sixth is that conversational marketing will drive sales. Marketing and social media are transitioning into a two-way conversation. For a long time, as long as you posted, everything was fine, but now search engines are looking for interaction between businesses and their followers.

The seventh shares that nostalgia marketing will engage your audience more than ever before! The more you can relate what you are discussing to something from the past, the more engaged your audience will be.

This eighth is that messaging will become more memetic. Create memes. There are so many ways to create original memes and that is what people are going to be responding to, especially the younger demographic.

The ninth is of course COVID-related. The 4 C’s – community, cleanliness, contactless, compassion are going to continue to trend in 2021. Businesses need to make sure they are addressing each of these issues/concerns and speaking to potential customers about the solutions they offer.

The tenth is probably one of the most refreshing. Remixing brand content is predicted to be more effective than unique content. Take those blogs and posts that you have written throughout the years and change them up a bit. You might be surprised at the traction you get.

At first glance, this list might seem overwhelming. As fellow business owners we understand! For help developing, editing, enhancing, and enacting your social media marketing plan, contact VA on the Spot today!

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