VA On the Spot’s Fee Schedule


The first step, if we have not met before, is to Click here to schedule a complementary 30-minute virtual meeting to discover if or how we might work together.

Once we have initially spoken and agreed to work together, I have a very simple and easy approach to pricing. You can purchase my time through “BUCKETS” of time to use as you see fit. The offered “BUCKETS” of time are described below. I will let you know when your “BUCKET” of time is running out so you can purchase more time, if desired. It’s that simple!

Each “BUCKET” you purchase is good for up to a year, so you can use it as slowly or as quickly as you desire. Use the following chart to determine which “BUCKET” of time works best for your needs. If you would like to set up auto pay for continued monthly service within one of the “BUCKETS” of time described below, contact me at to get that set-up.

When you are ready to start click, on the Purchase button after the columns below, enter your payment information, and schedule a meeting with me to begin.


$72 / month

($70/hour plus CC processing fee)


$309 / month

($60/hour plus CC processing fee)


$ 412 / month

($50/hour plus CC processing fee)


$ 495 / month

($48/hour plus CC processing fee)

Each BUCKET includes:

  • Dedicated Detail-oriented U.S. Professional Assistant,
  • Reliable & Trustworthy Assistant,
  • Company Portal for sharing documents, paying for BUCKETs of time, and to communicate with your assistant.
  • Auto Payment Abilities, Available.

Schedule a Meeting!

Schedule a meeting with me if you are in need of more than a 10-hour BUCKET and I can create a BUCKET just for you!

To pay for a BUCKET of time go to my business page. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss your needs from that same page.

For information on plans with more hours just ask!

STOP spinning your wheels, getting nowhere. SAVE money with a virtual assistant!

Not only will you save TIME delegating to a virtual assistant, but you will be freed to work ON your business, either to prospect new clients or work for your clients. You will be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand knowing that the behind-the-scenes tasks are getting handled for you. You can raise your productivity 100% by hiring a virtual assistant today!


  • FIRST TIME CLIENTS_INITIALLY, prior to purchasing a “Bucket” of time, you are asked to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. This time will be used to; a) see if we are a good fit to work together, b) determine if your needs fit my capabilities and time openings, and c) determine if your needs are something I feel like I could do well for you.

  • Once we have agreed we will work together, you will need to choose the “BUCKET” of time you want to start with, click the link to my BUSINESS PAGE under the BUCKET description columns, enter your payment information, click pay.

  • Schedule an appointment with me to begin our venture together where you will be able to explain your needs, give me access to the programs needed, and give me the information I need to efficiently complete the work you request.

  • I will let you know when your “BUCKET” of time is running out, at which time you can decide to purchase another “BUCKET”, you can set-up auto-payment to continue working together monthly, or you can respond to notify me that you do not want to continue, at which time we will virtually shake hands and wish each other well.

I look forward to meeting you and the possibilities that exist as we work together. Thank you for your consideration. Dona Carlisle