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Money runs the world. Money runs businesses. Business decisions are made based on assets, liabilities, and equity. What happens if you don’t know any of those amounts? You can’t make decisions. Some businesses don’t need a CPA or a full time accountant or bookkeeper. That’s where VA on the Spot comes in. We can provide basic virtual bookkeeping services for your company.

Using our Quickbooks accounting software, we can help with the following services:

  • Recording financial transactions

  • Prepare and send invoices and receipts

  • Produce balance sheets, income statements and other financial documents

  • Prepare bank reconciliation statements

  • Handle accounts payables

  • Many more!

Outdated records, being behind on recording information, having late payments, and not getting paid can lead to profit loss instead of business growth.

For a business to be successful, they have to have a solid bookkeeping system. As your business grows and changes you may find keeping track of your income, assets, debts, and expenses can be difficult and daunting. It could be very easy to get overwhelmed.

70% of small businesses outsource key financial functions.

82% of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management.

Why you need VA on the Spot to help with your Bookkeeping

virtual assistant bookkeeper IndianapolisMore than 50% of small businesses have a dedicated professional overseeing their accounts.

The average small business owner will admit they lack the necessary accounting and finance knowledge.

We have the ability to tailor our services to your unique company and needs. We can:

  1. Work with your current bookkeeping methods.

  2. Help evaluate and maybe suggest now or different ways to be more productive and efficient.

  3. Help streamline your records so everything is electronic.

As technology improves, so can business. Technology has made it easier for business owners and managers to run their business from anywhere, but it also has allowed for affordable help to be found more easily. In the past someone with great skill could only work in one or two places that were close to them. No more. Now you as a business professional have access to the virtual bookkeeping expert talent at VA on the Spot. Having someone who you trust and has the experience and work ethic to help your business succeed in ways you never thought possible is priceless! That is what you will get with VA on the Spot.

Virtual Bookkeeping vs. Employee

virtual bookkeeper Indianapolis

There are many advantages to hiring VA on the Spot to perform your bookkeeping functions:

  • You’re not providing office space or equipment – by our providing our own, you are saving on overhead.

  • Since we are contractors, you don’t pay taxes or benefits – this cuts back on payroll expense and allows you to put that money back into your business.

  • Very little training for basic tasks is required – since we are experienced professionals, we can work with little instruction, making sure to ask the right questions and get all the information up front, saving time and money.

  • Partners and continuing improvement – we are continually working to ensure we have the best techniques and information so that we can perform the best work for you. This continual networking and education are expenses you don’t have to incur since we are contractors.

These are just a few of the many advantages to hiring us to complete your virtual bookkeeping work. Call us today to find out how we can help make your life easier and make you more successful.