Virtual Office Management

Transcription – Marketing Materials

PowerPoint Presentations – Newsletters – Data Entry – Spreadsheet Creation

Spreadsheet Management – Mail Merge

Don’t Let These Tasks Bog You Down!

Why did you start your business? To do what you enjoy doing! Are you doing what you enjoy? Or are you spending unintended hours on the “other” work that comes along with running your business? You started your business expecting to be able to focus on running your business, not work on the details that make your business run. Let me help you get back to your expertise.

Virtual Microsoft Office Work

In my experience, I have learned the ins and outs of Microsoft Office products. I have been working in them from the dawn of their creation! You could say I have grown up with them. Pair that with amazing work ethic and impressive efficiency, and you have an ideal match.

Transcription is important to make sure any and all people can access the information you are trying to convey. Having the text and audio or video content for your current and potential clients on your website will help with your search engine rankings and increase the number of people the visit your website.

Some of the ways that I use Microsoft Office to help my clients include data entry, newsletter creation, PowerPoint presentations, content writing, transcription, proofreading, spreadsheet creation and management, mail merge, calendar administration, email management and more.

Between 2010 and the end of 2019 there had been an increase in virtual workers of over 79%. Since January of 2020 this number is even higher, especially considering the companies that have gone hybrid, half/half, or sending their employees home to work remotely permanently. Having a virtual assistant will save you money, time, and resources. VA on the Spot has the experience, education, and efficiency to complete your administrative tasks accurately, timely, and professionally. I tailor my services to each client and job so you can be sure you will receive my personal attention. Contact me today for more information on how I can help you live your best life at work, and at home!

Writing and Editing 

Have you …been wanting to write more, perhaps start a Blog, or write a book?  …had regular reports that you have notes for but turning those notes into a report is daunting? Do …just have a hard time knowing where or how to start when it comes to creative writing? As a professional you have a lot of experience to share with others. You know what you would like to share or say but don’t know how to put it into words. I can help with that! Give me your notes, an outline, a topic, or direction and I can get you started. I will give you a first draft for a starting point. I have found that all some people need to get the creative juices flowing is that initial draft. After you make your revisions, let me edit the document and you will be good to go! There is creative writer in all of us, it just needs a little help getting out sometimes! If you would rather not mess with creative writing at all, just give me a topic, outline, or research (if you have it), and I will write the article/document for you. If you don’t have the research, with direction I can do that too! Already have documents, blogs, or papers written. I can edit them to make sure the verbiage and punctuation is correct, make sure there is consistency throughout, and assure that it flows well.

Contact me today for more information on how I can help you with your writing and editing needs.