Travel & Event Planning

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When you travel for business there is always a good reason. Either you have a proposal or an important meeting. The last thing you want to worry about is travel arrangements. There are many sites that say they have the best deal but you could spend hours comparing and making sure you are getting the most for your money and everything is set so the trip goes off without any problems.

Throughout my experience I have worked with many people in many different locations as well as having travelled ourselves. I have domestic and international travel experience. With all this experience, I can help with any need in any location.

Let VA on the Spot plan your travel for you. I have coordinated travel for individuals up to large groups so you can be confident we I find you the best plans at the best prices. I will also work with you to coordinate and communicate all schedules and arrangements so that everyone traveling is on the same page.

Our travel experts can:

  • Help you get more hours in the day by doing your planning for you.

  • Save you the effort of making your own travel details and schedules.

  • Navigate any travel guidelines like experienced with international travel.

  • Troubleshoot travel issues – we can identify issues ahead of time and make contingency plans so your travel happens without a hitch.

  • Make and manage bookings – we can book and coordinate air, train, and car travel, as well as hotel reservations and even excursions.

  • Stay within your budget – with our experience you will either hit or come in under budget for your travel needs.

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Event Planning

Events are an ideal way to show off products, promote services, and increase your brand awareness. Whether your event is for 5 for 500 people, it represents you and your business and therefore is vital to your branding and business’ success. If it is a success, your name will be spread as a hero. If it is a failure, your name is will be spread as a villain. I have organized and led numerous types of events for various numbers of people and know how to make a statement with an event.

Event Planning tasks we can do for you:

  • Agenda planning

  • Vendor management

  • Public relations

  • Event coordination

  • Marketing management

  • And more!

Special skills we possess:

  • Negotiation skills

  • Staff/Volunteer management

  • Excellent and detailed verbal and written communication

  • Budget management

  • Organization and time management

  • Project management

Being sure everything goes to plan is stressful and you have other more important things to think about. As your business grows, so do the challenges and the work. Rush and stress will become the norm and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Hiring VA on the Spot to handle your event will be a huge relief.

So whether you are planning a family vacation, business trip, special event, meeting, fundraiser, exhibition, presentation, conference, or any other event, I can help. Call VA on the Spot and see how I can be your top support team for your travel and/or event planning today!