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For Business Growth

Have you grown your business to the point that you sometimes stand or sit at your desk wondering where to go from here? Do you have so much on your plate that you are finding it difficult to focus on the things that make a difference in your business? Are you finding that you are not reaching the goals you set and are ready for a little help to stay focused on those goals?

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You have come to the right place. In my over 40 years of experience supporting authors, executives, solopreneurs, coaches, directors, and managers I wore many hats. Most days one of those hats included an accountability hat. Meeting with them to make sure they were still working toward or had achieve their goals for that day/week/month/year. In addition, I spent a lot of time planning, scheduling, and organizing calendars and email boxes; prioritizing appointments, calls, and mails; organizing electronic files, completing documents, data entry, maintaining contact’s information (now called CRMs), documenting processes/procedures, and more.

During our weekly or bi-weekly sessions we will address your immediate needs. Whether those immediate needs include reviewing your schedule, discussing goals, setting/reporting on goals, brainstorming, what’s working/what’s not working, evaluating new business ideas, or other needs that arise. We will focus on what is important for your business to grow NOW. 

Hidden Disabilities – More Common Than You Think!

I am one of those people with a creative mind and creative minds many times are ADD, including me! When I was a youngster, my mother would have said I had ADHD! I’ve slowed down with age though! Even so, I was quite the challenge for my mother. But she worked with me year after year to help me learn how to first control the hyperactivity and then to organize myself, my things, and my time so I could focus on the important things. Those with ADD or ADHD, whether they are officially diagnosed or not, fall into a category I refer to as Hidden Disabilities. Without guidance, motivation, and training these Hidden Disabilities can hold a person with ADD/ADHD back from achieving their full potential. The techniques my mother helped me develop helped me focus on the important things and push forward to ever higher achievements. Having been there, done that, I can help those with Hidden Disabilities develop habits, help them organize their time, documents, emails, etc. so that they can stay focused on the things that are important to accomplish, now! I can help them stay on track! Schedule a 1-to-1 with me today to see if we are a fit. Let me help you succeed, one task at a time!